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   Laughter- It is often called the best medicine, and for a man struggling with so much sickness and pain, laughter became life its self. Robin William’s has recently lost his lifelong battle with depression, but before he left this world he touched many of our lives, sharing his medicine with those of us battling it alongside him.  There was a lot of anger, and sadness in this man, though a smile most often adorned his face. His greatness was not in the uniqueness of his affliction but in the product of his expression. 

  I loved this man because of a choice he made, because in light of his struggles he chose to express love, joy, and humor. He, much like many us felt great pain but found healing in bringing great happiness to others. He never let the it turn him, or corrupt his character, and he never became cruel, or hateful. 

   I love this man because he loved others enough preserve his kindness in the presence of pain, and it is those in the most pain who best know the value of kindness. 

                               I will not be angry or sad this day. 

                                I will smile, and I will think of you.

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